Employment Opportunities

Monday, 06 March, 2023

Healing Matrix LLC

Detailed Job Description & Requirements:  

Arrive 15 minutes before first client and set room, greet client upon arrival and deliver scheduled service, give client a cup of water, check out client in Vagaro system by receiving payment, ask client if they'd like to rebook before they leave, re-book if indicated, thank them and bid them good bye. Strip the linens, reset the table, wipe down any oily surfaces with all-purpose spray and prepare for next client. At the end of the shift, re-set room, turn off all lights and equipment, empty trash into outside dumpster, lock up. 


50/50 compensation first 90 days. After 90 days, 55/45 compensation up to $5500 gross monthly receipts then 75/25 compensation from $5501 up. One 90-minute bodywork session monthly. Personal use of far infrared sauna during off time is encouraged, schedule permitting. 

How to Apply:   

Send CV and Resume to patience@healingmatrix.net. Include cover letter and salary preferences.

Falls Church, VA
United States

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